The best Jaguar xjs convertible in the world is now for sale

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        I have a XJS 1995 CONVERTIBLE 4.0l in light blue The reg of vehicle is A1 YDK the car has been in dry storage all its life and has covered 14205 miles from new. its perfect in every way and is located in Clitheroe, comes with a jaguar tool kit and has no faults at all, it is just as what you would expect if you purchased it a year after it was new in 1996 in perfect condition.

        I am sure unless you know where there is one that has never been driven ever it is the best in the world. Everything works and it is just as one would expect a new car to be. I am not interested in owning a classic car, I inherited it in January this year from a life long jaguar enthusiast who also owned a jaguar SS 1936 owned since 1950. It needs to go to a good home where it can loved. I had to drain the fuel as it was off, changed the discs and pads around the car as they had seized and change the oil, water and air filter.

        The car will be MOT’ED tomorrow then put back into storage. The personal reg can go with the car along with the picnic set and cover etc. the interior is beige leather with beige carpet and original stereo. the tyres are from new and are like new. This is a very special vehicle, not sure if you would consider this as a classic car as its only 22 years old but its like new smells new looks new drives like new.

        It’s too good to put on eBay or auto trader I don’t need to deal with people who want to buy so they can sell it the next day. I’m not looking for a quick sale etc if you want me to send you photos fine but its not required as it is as new. i am happy to put this in a museum if anyone here knows where this option maybe worth while if at all a credible option. if anyone is interested in purchasing this car, message me to come and see it, in respect of price no one seems to know what this vehicle could be worth but i am open to serious offers from someone who knows what they are dealing with in regards to potential future uplift value. This is not like any vehicle on any website on the internet its set apart from anything out.

        I am open to options regarding its future.

        Thanks Mark Hughes

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