targa rubbers ???

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      Gerben Haringsma

        any information on whenn the rubbers for the targa roof will be available ?…?.

        in the rain in south of Spain,really need the rubbers now !!!

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        Gerben Haringsma

          who knows,where to buy targa rubbers ?

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          Bryan Thomas

            Gerben  if you  look in the shop page on here   Laurence  as had some made  cost £96

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              These are still showing out of stock, and as I have requested one we are supposed to be contacted when available.



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              Laurence Jones


                I abandoned the idea of getting complete rubbers (we’ll they’re actually foam rather than rubber) and grip strips manufactured as was getting too complicated to achieve.

                I’ve since found someone who will make the extrusion for me, with the idea of folk making up their own (glue to their existing grip stops).

                Hopefully I’ll hear back before Christmas if this is feasible.

                Sorry folks that it’s taken so long, outside pressures on my life have been rather distracting this year.



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                Gerben Haringsma

                  would appreciate update here whether it will be christmas 2019 ?


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                  Gerben Haringsma

                    and Laurence feasable ??


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                    Tomi Hautakangas

                      I would also need these seals.


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                      Martin Haley

                        I met a company at the Classic Car Show (NEC Birmingham UK) last year who are making remanufactured parts for Jags. How much interest would there be if we were to make an approach to them?

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                        Laurence Jones

                          Hi Martin

                          Do you know what sort of items this company undertakes to remanufacture ?


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                          Craig Shankland

                            Anyone know where you can get the Plastic clips or fasteners for Targa convertible section that secured the convertible part to the roll bar? One has broken.

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