Starting Issues '88 XJS 12cyl

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      Gary Bonnell

        Hello – my wife and I are restoring this beauty and the most recent issue is a problem when starting. We have replaced the usual suspects, and now the ignition. It still has an issue: turn the key and nothing. Try a few more times and it starts. Any thoughts on the subject would really help. Thanks, Gary Bonnell – Santa Fe, New Mexico

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        Robert Gibson

          Hi Gary

          I maybe a bit late to comment on your starting issues but just in case you still have problems, my car would start after a few attempts, we would drive it out and back turn off the ignition and try to re start it to no avail.

          We replaced a relay (that wasn’t the answer) eventually we tracked it down to a micro switch near the base of the T Bar shift , if you pull the T Bar slightly out of park and the car starts then you need to replace that micro switch.


          Bob Gibson.

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