Wanted – rubber seals for targa panels

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      Russ Cramer

        Attention members. Has anyone found a source for the rubbers seals for the fixed cross member of the top? I would also like to purchase the solid panel that can be installed over the folding top for winter use. I’m surprised with the total number built of XJS-C’s built no company has tried to fill this need?

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        John Bleasdale

          Hi Russ are you referring to the half hard top with electricaly heated rear screen that was an optional extra.
          In the 31 years I have been involved with XJ-SC I have come across possibly half a dozen people that have wanted to buy one.
          So not a viable proposition Also I along with Jaguar Classic parts tried to get the seals reproduced along with the seals for the rear quarter lights again not cost effective. Incidentally How did you manage to locate the new group?
          Regards Bleasie.

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          Richard Hartwell

            Hi Russ,

            Oddly enough, I have an extra rear hard-top left over from one of my earlier owned cabs along with the two piece original rubber seal set.

            I am located in South Florida

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              Russ Cramer

                Hi Richar
                When I purchased my XJS-C in 1989 the owner told me he would have to dig out the hard-top for my Jag in his attic. He kept putting it off every time that I asked him for it. Unfortunately he died suddenly and somehow I never followed up on getting it. I would be interested in purchasing both the top and the seals. I live in the Pocono Mts in Northeast Pennsylvania. What would you want $$$ for the top and seals with shipping cost? My email address in russcc@ptd.net and my cell number is 570-350-9650. Let me know when you get a chance. .
                I have owned Jaguars since 1960 and had the pleasure of owning seven including: a Mark II, an XKE Series I and several XJ’s.
                Currently along with my XJS-C I have a 1957 XK-140SE Drop Head (I have owned for 44 years) and a 2013 XJL, so you can see I’m a diehard fan of Jaguar. Great Cars!
                In the 28 years I have owned my XJS-C I have made quite a few modifications to it to improve performance and handling including installing heavier front and rear anti-away bars, adding a big bore exhaust system, adding “Growler” intake system and louvering the hood. I’d be anxious to learn if you have made an changes to your XJS?

                I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

                Russ Cramer – Pocono Manor, Pa.

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              John Mirco

                Hi Everyone,
                Following on from his initial discussion, I would like to renew all the aperture seals on my cabriolet roof – so rear hood seal, targa lid seals and the overall seal where the targa panels sit. Does anyone know of a supplier of these seals that I could contact?

                John Mirco – Perth Western Australia

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                Laurence Jones

                  Hi John and Russ

                  I am progressing the production of the Targa Appature bodywork seals and the associated rear hood boodwork seals this week with the company that reverse engineered the rear window rubbers for me (which are available for sale in the Club Shop – Click here to buy

                  Sorry to folks who have been waiting for me to do this. I will provide an update back here soon.


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                  Gerben Haringsma

                    any update on these rubbers please ??

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                      Gerben Haringsma

                        my targa roof is now starting to leak.

                        any idea whenn the new rubbers will be available Laurence ???

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                      John Mirco

                        Hi Lawrence,

                        I have just checked the club shop, the targa seal is shown there but cannot be ordered as yet.

                        any further update to your post back in January 2018 above?



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                        Gerben Haringsma

                          pity these rubbers are not available. would be handy !

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