Replacing right A pillar

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      Guy Roelandts

        Hi all,

            Was wondering if someone had experience with the replacement of the exterior (aluminium?) part of

        the right A pillar. Any difficulty? Tha actual one is a bit dammaged and I’d like to replace it.

             Thank you.


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        David Wardale

          Hi Guy,

          From memory the trim on the “A” pillar is riveted in place, so you will have to drill out the rivets to remove the trim. I used small stainless steel screws when I put mine back together which worked out pretty well!

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          Laurence Jones

            hi Guy Roelandts

            Are you referring to the Chrome Windscreen surround ?   If so, why didn’t you mention it before I came over to Belgium last week – I’ve got a spare I could have brought over for you !!

            As David Wardale ‍ says, these are riveted in place – they are easily drilled out and replaced by a small screw.  What you do need to be careful of is fitting, to make sure you don’t put a bend in it as you won’t get a crease out.



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            Guy Roelandts

              Hi Laurence,

              Sorry I didn’t mention it before, I didn’t know you had spares available … now I know and will surely contact you before I try to source

              them from other locations. As I didn’t buy it yet, maybe I could wait till you come over again in the spring/summer period. I am not in a

              hurry to have it replaced anyway.

              And thanks to you and David on the comments on how they are fitted and how to remove them. I know we have to be careful with those

              type of parts, having replaced some of the same type on my TR4.



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