Rare V12 Cabriolet joins the ranks.

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      John Bleasdale

        Yesterday’s new recruit John Michael Riley’s name rang bells, but why?
        John from Manchester, purchased his Cabriolet when it was 18 months old it was previously owned by Jaguar Cars, and was allocated to John Egan (now Sir John Egan) and his wife, proof of this is that his RAC card is still in the document wallet.
        However equally as interesting it is the earliest surviving V12 Cabriolet.
        Vin 118043 Body # 5V001006 is the first Cabriolet painted in Sebring Red (CDJ 287), Built-05/07/1984. As far as I can ascertain The previous 5 cars were used for experimentation by Jaguar Cars Engineering department then destroyed.

        Photo 505

        Nigel Thorely busily taking photos of John’s car at Weston Park.

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