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        I have been trying to obtain a RHS pre facelift headlight for some time now and I am astounded that ones advertised as useable units are far from being categorised that way.  

        On two occasions I have asked questions about the condition of the internal reflective surface and were told that they were good.  I am in the process of returning one bought on eBay as the internal surface had been painted in just standard silver paint.  On a previous one where I had travelled to view the unit and the internal surface was about a third rusted.  

        Obviously the eBay T&Cs cover you from this but it frustrating that sellers do not understand ebays description of what a “used” item means.  If you buy something in this category you should be able to use it and accept that there could be slight damage to the product.  Anything worse than this should be clearly stated.  

        I expect many of you have experienced disappointment when receiving items this way.


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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Alan

          Yes very annoying – though must say you’re fortunate in being able to return them for refund as I’ve had issues where the seller has insisted the photos of the item revealed the issue that I had with the item.

          Mind you, I’ve had people return eBay items to me that have had the ‘faults’ pointed out on the auction description, claiming they didn’t think I meant it was a scratch / bit missing / worn …..

          It’s a shame you’re struggling to get this sorted. I elected to go for quad lights on all my XJS to get round the problem of the old headlights.


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