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      Gerben Haringsma

        has any one converted to LED lights ??

        any experience to share ?

        the bulb failure warning light will surely come on as not enough power is drawn.

        anyone found a practical solution to this ??

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        Craig Shankland

          I would like to know The possibility of LED bulbs for all back lights and instrument cluster on an 87 XJSC? It would make a huge difference. Has anyone done that replacement?

          i will check with my XJS friends in the club and post when I have answers

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          Craig Shankland

            I believe little British Car Co  or lbcarco.com has a kit for the XJS conversion to LEDs in america. Head lights rear lights side lights etc. under 100 dollars for the kit. Published in Classic Motor Sports magazine an article about the process, September issue.

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              I did the dashboard of mine xj-sc 1986 with a kit from http://www.bettercarlightning.co.uk good working kit. They have also solutions for the rest.

              have a look, regards Eltjo

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