Interior wood replacement for XJS convertible

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      Gary Bonnell

      Over the last several months we have brought our 1988 V12 Convertible up to near-new mechanically. We’ve taken care of the body, enhancing the paint with a ceramic layer, and are now focusing on restoring the Hess & Eisenhardt coach interior. The dash and console pieces are what we need. The finish seems to be a Maple Burl. We would love to find replacements. Does anyone know of a source? Thanks, Gary

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      Laurence Jones

      Hi Gary

      Is the wood on a Hess & Eisenhardt interior is still the same size and pieces as would have been on the original XJS Coupe (which Hess & Eisenhardt did the conversion on, or did they come with bespoke woodwork (maybe a picture of your current woodwork would help).



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      Gary Bonnell

      Photo 1699
      The pieces on the doors and left of the steering wheel is fine. The main dashboard, glove box and console each have a patch or two. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Gary Bonnell

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      Wayne Woonton

      Did you find a Veneer set Gary ? I just purchased a full replacement set from for my 1988 Convertible. Super quick delivery to the Southern hemisphere but no pics as yet, won’t be fitted till the New Year

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