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      Mark Spillane

        Picked up my car today finally! Drove it to the mechanics for an initial once over.

        I’m already loving it even though it needs a looooot of work.

        Interesting car.

        Vin says it’s a XJS HE Couoe – built in 1982, delivered in 1983 in Glasgow, and it has a soft top. I assume this car is a very early factory or other Cabriolet.

        It has the roof cross member like the XJSC but the rear windows don’t move, and the vin says coupe not cabriolet. It has rear seats.

        Any thoughts ? How early did they build these?

        I saw somewhere that in 1982 there may have been some early Cabs made? Maybe this is one of them?

        Going to fully restore the car and trying to gather as much info about it as possible – here we go!

        Would really appreciate anyones input and information.



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        Mark Spillane

          Finally able to upload some photos.

          Photo 1781

          Photo 1777

          Photo 1778

          Photo 1782

          Photo 1783

          Photo 1775

          Photo 1774

          Photo 1776


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            Lovely looking car Mark. Hess and Einhart did some early rag tops and I think some others did a version too before the original soft tops came out. Looking at the row of popper buttons you have on the rear of the roof it looks like yours is possibly one of the rarer pre factory jobs. There may be some sort of ID plate Hiding somewhere on your car stating which company was responsible for the conversion. I don’t think this makes any difference to the value but makes it more interesting.

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