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      Dave Short

        XJ-SC 1987…I noticed a fuel leak on the floor after starting and moving the car.
        I checked the liquid puddle and noticed a hydro carbon smell which tells me it was fuel.
        Turned off the engine with the vehicle now outside the garage. After several hours restarted the car and quickly drove into the garage prior to the exhaust system getting hot. (just in case)

        Revisited the issue this week after 4 weeks of leaving the car parked in the garage with a drip tray and plastic sheet under. (no smell of fuel in the garage and no indication of fuel on the floor)

        Okay next step look closer to see if and where is the potential leak. I jacked up the car and placed on two wheel ramps under the rear wheels (200mm high)

        Did a still (car not running) inspection and no obvious signs of fluid or leaks. (understanding and considering fuel will evaporate after time)

        Started the car on the ramps with safety applied including in Park, handbrake applied and wheel chocks on the front wheels both back and front of tyre.

        Conducted a car running inspection with a torch to see if and where is the leak…no leaks and dry hoses, I checked the fuel lines and all seemed okay not damp and no signs of a leak. I let the car run until at running temperature (10 – 15mins) still no leaks (standby person to switch off just in case)

        Let the car cool down and conducted another dry (car not running) inspection still no leaks.

        Okay I know I wasnt dreaming and I did see and note a puddle of fuel (palm of a hand in size) so what is it and why has it failed to appear again?

        I haven’t filled the car recently so it cannot be an overflow issue (fuel level indicating half) and I would of thought once the fuel pump started and pressurised the line any leaks would be apparent almost immediately…Any advise or experiences of potential gremlins would be appreciated including what else can I do to verify the car is safe to use.
        Thanks Dave

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Dave

          I’d agree with you regarding once the fuel pump was running and everything pressurised, as having had a fuel pipe split in the boot of my XJS, I can indeed confirm that you’d soon notice – a very large amount of fuel came out very quickly !!


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          Dave Short

            Hi Laurence, Thanks for your comment…still no leaks after several inspections and running tests so I’m baffled as to where it came from. I suppose sometimes even though logically there has to be an answer the best thing to do is not worry and just keep checking to see if it reappears.

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