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      Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

        Hello everyone!
        When the fuel tank is completely filled up my dashboard guage shows only 2/3 full and the needle tends to wander all over the place. The low level warning light also comes on when there is still about 30 litres left in the tank. Although I can still manage and never have been left stranded, it would of course be much better to have a properly working guage. I’ve been told the sender unit is easy to access, but don’t know if it can still be supplied new (or aftermarket) for a 1985 3.6 Cabriolet.

        If you’ve had a similar problem and found a solution please let me know. Thanks!

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Stig

          I have previously been told, that the gauge I the Convertibles and Cabriolets is still calibrated as if it were in the Coupe’s fuel tank – the Convertible and Cabriolet tanks are smaller though. The net effect is that when our smaller tanks are physically full (almost overflowing) the gauge shows about 3/4 full.

          I always carry 1 gallon can of fuel in the 3.6 and 4 litre cars and two 1 gallon cans when using the V12


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          Martin Ball

            My experience with this issue was that the float part of the sender unit was partially full of fuel. It must have sprung a small leak and the fuel weighed it down and the gauge read low. Very easy to removed the sender unit but do it with low fuel in the tank, float clips out easily. Also the float is the same as those on a mini (at least it was in my 85 XJSC). Gauge reads much higher although not always to Full. Regards Martin

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