battery drain 86 xj-sc 3.6

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        Hello, Having an issue to something is draining the battery if cables are left on posts. I can install a battery cut-off switch curing the issue when not in use but thought maybe there was a common problem I can focus on first. Thank you

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          hi ed

          a fellow ed here

          I had the same problem on my 86 cab.Have you got the original jag aerial? The previous owner of mine had fitted a new mast but had left the base of the old mast in it and the aerial never reached the bottom of the mechanism. This meant that it never switched off and it slaughtered the battery. As soon as I fixed it the problem went away. Hope you find the problem soon


          Eddie Panton

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            Thanks. I have to look at aerial but guessing it is. I’ll check it out.

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            John Bleasdale

              If the power was not being swirled off then the motor would try to keep running.

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