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      Laurence Jones

        No, I’m not posting a Topic for discussion about the film, I’m writing about the little picture you see posted by the side of any Discussion Topic or Reply that I have written.

        I’ve been asked by several folk about how they can upload a picture of themselves, so folk on the website know a little bit more about who they are interacting with. Up until now my response has been, let me have the photo and I’ll upload it for you.

        Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to add some functionality that allows you, the members to do this for yourselves. Here are the steps to follow :-

        1/ Update your profile via Main Page — > My Account — > My Details
        2/ click on upload to the right of the label Avatar
        3/ Then click on Select Files
        4/ Chose the photo of yourself you wish to use as an Avatar
        5/ Click on Select File (bottom right corner)

        That’s it.

        If you’ve already got an Avatar loaded up and wish to change it, then simply click on Remove next to the existing photo (you will then be asked if your sure). Then start at step 2 above.

        Hopefully we won’t have any problems with this, so to see lots of folk making use of this and getting to know you all a little better.


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