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      Clas Emanuelsson

        I’m about to buy my first XJS Cabriolet or Convertible. I thought of getting one before the 91 facelift, but I just saw a beatiful93 Convertible USA import at the local auto classic dealer here in Sweden. The car has the 4.0 engine which is fine with me, gas prices have never been higher as you know. The problem though is that the chrome bumpers have extended rubber parts on the US models, which in my opinion look quite uggly. Now to my question. Can these US bumpers be replaced by European style ones? Either by exchanging the whole bumpers or just the extended rubber parts. Perhaps a rather irrelevant question for most buyers but for me it makes a big difference.

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Clas

          I’m not sure if you received any answers to your question, as there has been some recent technical issues with the Club’s website (see separate discussion topic).

          It is my understanding that you can indeed exchange the American bumper for the European, and vice versa – this being done when folks have imported cars in the past into Europe from America.



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