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      Mitul Patel


        I live in Potters Bar and bought my XJ-SC Cabriolet back in April (on a complete whim) and it needs a bit of work which I have been putting off. I would like to know if there is anyone from the club near Potters Bar who could help me get the car ready for an MOT so I can start using/enjoying the it? I have been told it is mechanically sound, engine fires and all the electrics work, just need to fit a battery and test everything.

        The interior needs addressing, but this can be done as I come across trim/pieces and I need to find someone to reline the various headlining parts and replace the outer lining on the folding hood, targa panels and t-bar) but I need help fitting back the front callipers and bleeding the brakes (the previous owner replaced all four discs and fitted the rear callipers), replacing the front windscreen seal (I have a new seal) and give it a full check over for the MOT.


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        Curtis Jacoby

          Hello Mitul,

          I’ve just come across your post.  I may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

          I am on my second XJS restoration (and learnt a lot from the first).  My current project car is also an XJ-SC V12.  From my experience with the model, they all seem to rust in the same places. most of which qualify for MOT failure.  I would be amazed if all your car needed for an MOT was the front calipers fitting…

          I am in Epping, about 20 minutes from you.  Please reply if you wish to get in touch.

          Kind regards,


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          Mitul Patel

            Hi Curtis

            Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  Really appreciate you getting in touch.  I have sent my contact details to Lawrence to pass on to you.

            I have a small issue I need to fix… son tried to unlock the driver’s door using the only ignition key and broke it!  I bought some blanks off ebay and had one cut but it doesn’t work. May have another go at getting another of the blanks cut but not holding out much hope.  I have reached out to Jaguar Heritage to see if they can supply a key from the VIN.

            Hope to speak to you soon.

            Kind regards


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