5.3 V12 running rough

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      Laurence Jones

        Hi all

        Has the Jaguar XJS v12 5.3 got a limp home mode ???

        We’ve just driven 250 miles in one go on motorway, all nice and smooth. Then as we pulled off we were hit with intense smell of petrol 🙁

        As we pulled to a stop in a lay you the engine died.

        Discovered with the aid of a passing Frenchman that the fuel pipe in the boot was splint and was pumping petrol into the spare wheel sump, and then draining the hole.

        We cut the split piece of pipe off and the engine restarted.

        However, it is running rough – no real power and feels like it’s gently missing as we drive along.

        Any help appreciated, as we’re currently 800 miles from home



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