5.3 Low Coolant Level going on intermittently

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      Guy Roelandts

        Hello all,

        I could use some advice on an issue I had yesterday with my XJ-S 5.3. I read some other threads about
        issues looking the same but they don’t match mine completely hence this post.

        The issue is the following:

        • Car bougth last year, driven about 5000km, all fine no issues at all, only a belt making noise when
          driving the car at 90 km/h and accelerating suddenly …
        • A month ago I decided to go for a maintenance and at the same time decided to change the 4 belts
        • When starting to mount them again, the water pump started to leak
        • Last Friday everything was fine again, maintenance done, all belts replaced as well as the waper pump

        As I needed the car over the week-end I decided to go for a test, drove the car for ± 60 kms, no issues
        everything just fine.
        Over the week-end the issue started, after about 50 kms the Low Coolant Level started to ligth up, it did
        it 2 or 3 times then stopped for the rest of the day until I was returning home, where it did it again twice. The
        coolant temp gauge was normal, in the middle and even under the middle point during the trip back home
        (which looked a bit strange to me)

        I checked the coolant level in the radiator and can see water in it, so I don’t think it is an issue with liquid
        missing in the cooling circuit.

        Anyone any ideas? Any advise on what to check? I’m lost
        Thank you


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          Don’t forget that the radiator in the V12 is a two stage rad. Is it possible that there is a blockage that’s restricting flow somewhere near the sensor? It may even be the sensor itself.

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          Steven Foster

            Isnt the coolant sensor in the expansion tank …like on the aj6 engine?

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