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      Laurence Jones

        I have been taking a look at the statistics for the site and I can see that activity over the last 4 months has remained consistently steady, with an average 33 new Topics a month – over 1 a month 🙂

        There was over 300 replies posted over this time, spread between 30+ members who made a post on the site.

        The interesting bit though, is that there were another 60+ members who logged into the site, many on more than one occasion, who didn’t post a Topic or a Reply. Hopefully the improvements that have been made to the site recently we’ll see more members feel comfortable with joining in 🙂


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        Laurence Jones

          Please remember, it doesn’t matter if you’ve not been active with your Jag for a while, just tell us what you hope to be doing with it in the future 🙂

          Therefore please, whenever you visit do find time to create a new Topic when you next visit, or reply to an existing one – even this one.

          As the British Telecom Advert used to say – It’s good to talk

          I’d also like to say hi to the following members, who visit the site from time to time but haven’t felt they’ve much to say on any of the past discussions :

          lloyd roberts
          Allan Dunsford
          Bill Valley
          Melbourne Simpson
          David Birch
          Douglas Borthwick
          Nigel Williams
          Paul Roper
          Gary Shane Scott
          Howard Grant
          Peter Mohr
          Jonathan Waugh
          Peter Worrall
          Jyrki Kulmala
          phillip cofer
          Atle Aurdal
          Pierre Schlegel Pierre Schlegel
          Derek Critchley
          Ray Chidgey
          Gary Patrick McMahon
          Richard Hartwell
          Jaroslaw Niewiadomski
          Simon Ackers
          Vincent Tarling
          Simon Dorrell
          Drew Newnham
          stephen haywood
          steve davies
          Helge Alm
          Colin Hubbard
          Tony Maru
          Mark Asbreuk
          Ray Mitchell
          Richard Griffiths
          Norman Thomas
          James Dunne
          Gareth Martin Bannister
          Rolf Leistad
          Thorleifur Asgeirsson
          Martyn Mace
          Charles Kitson
          David Lewis
          Evert Mos
          Steve Morgan
          Robert Foley
          Bill Hudd
          Mark Hughes
          tony burley
          Malcolm Wyatt
          Robert Carson
          David Wardale
          Guy Roelandts
          Nick Standley
          Larry Sheets
          David Williams
          Don Lucas
          James Pettigrew
          Andy Broadbent
          paul spurlock
          Trevor Kent
          Chris Leeson
          Russ Cramer
          Greg Souter
          Mike Gregson

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