Reply To: Help with a problem gap between hood and side window on XJ-SC Cabriolet

Peter Maher

    Hi Laurence
    Thankyou very much for getting back to me , i will take some photos tomorrow and upload them,
    I showed you the car to a cabriolet specialist overhere and he assumed some kind of tension cables where required to make the rear hood the air tight to the rear window ,i dont think he has worked any xjs’s in recent times and this was purely a logical guess, i will certainly examine this in greater detail tomorrow evening and your pictures will certainly help i think the white
    Plastic pieces might be missing
    But the photos will confirm all ,
    The hood is closing on the catch
    Perfectly ans nothing appears to be out of shape or line .
    Can i thank of the guys for there comments it will surely get me closer to resolving the problem.

    Many Thanks Laurence much appreciated