Reply To: XJ-SC Production Figures


    So mine is just ‘One of Seven’ clone cars in Dorchester but as you say where do you stop!

    One thing I was meaning to ask was you have all the production figures but what about the scrapped cars? Even now I see several cabriolets that are being broken – still at an alarming rate given future scarcity. Over the last twenty years there have been so many on eBay being broken for parts that the original 5013 must be significantly less. Certainly if one looks on the DVLA data website ‘how many left’ (think that’s what it’s called from memory) there are significantly less XJS-C’s taxed or SORN in UK now.

    I’m sure over time many owners would be interested in the production data at the top but I think if not replied to will drop out of obvious sight but maybe Laurence can add data as a ‘Technical’ section page so it is not lost in old pages..

    kind regards, Robin Rainsley