Reply To: Cabriolet rear seats

John Bleasdale

    Now then Robin
    This question keeps arising & I keep telling the same answer Only one Cabriolet left the factory with rear seats Lady Di was deemed a responsible person so permission was given, Also as the car was being fitted with & still has a hard top the possibility of de capitation was no longer a possibility. A few months ago some one asked the same question on my Face Book GROUP & one of my members on there that I got to know at JDHT & had worked on all 5,013 answered the question “No other Cabriolets left B L with rear seats. So far of all the photographs of conversions none match that of the Diana Cabriolet.

    Regards Bleasie.
    If I am right this must be your Cabriolet, Had difficulty locating “Woodsmoke”

    Photo 940