Reply To: North West meet up – Sunday 13th August – Cafe Cargo, Colne

Laurence Jones

    We had 3 XJ-SC Cabriolets and 1 XJS Convertible in attendance at today’s meet up. All three Cabriolets were 3.6 Manuals, and all had quad lights and the same leaper arranged over the growler.

    Also we had an XJS Coupe and an XJS Lynx Eventer, an E-Type, an XK8 Coupe, an XKR Convertible from the Greater Manchester JEC, and a Mini Pickup came along too

    Photo 852
    Photo 853

    Photo 854
    Photo 855

    Photo 856
    Photo 857

    Photo 858
    Photo 859

    Photo 860
    Photo 861

    Photo 862

    Photo 865
    Photo 866

    Photo 867
    Photo 868

    Photo 869

    Thanks to everyone who turned up.