Reply To: XJS Cabriolet Tonneau Cover – Remanufactured

Laurence Jones

    Hi Martin Ball ( @ball )

    The bottom of the hood itself is fixed to the car by 8 – 10 flat head bolts spread around its perimeter. All around this perimeter is Velcro, which has the visible part of the hood itself stuck to it when you’re not using the cover – hides the bolts 🙂

    When you want to make things nice and neat by using the cover, you simply go around the bottom perimeter of the hood pealing back the Velcro and folding the visible part of the hood (that had be stuck to it) back on itself – by back on itself I mean in such a way that you’d see the male part of the Velcro strip and the female part of the strip one above the other all the way around – or another way to describe it would be that the bottom 2″ of the visible part of the hood is turned back on itself so it shows the Velcro strip.

    Then you pop on the poppers on the cabin side, and pull the soft Tonneau cover down over the outside edge and push down on the Velcro – and you end up with a nice neat car.

    I’ll take a picture tomorrow.