Reply To: Welcome new Cabriolet Member – Malcolm Wyatt

Malcolm Wyatt

    Hello, purchased my XJS V12 back in Jan 2017. Really liked the shape of it with its Targa roof, have re-newed front brakes, new discs and total rebuild of calipers, love to be able to repair things rather than just fit new parts.
    The car has 48,000 miles with full service history. Was serviced last Jan 1999. Brought back from garage and car run out of petrol. Was parked up and not touched til I bought it Jan 2017.
    Car has some rust issues which I am now addressing, sills and rear arches.
    Engine started all ok after 18 years of non-use.
    Need to get rear axle and cradle out for brakes and general repaint.
    Would have loved to have bought car in 1999, bet it was immaculate back then. Malc.