Reply To: XJ-SC Hard Top

Mark Thorley

    Yes Steve, it’s always quite reassuring to know what the going rate generally is for such items and that what you may have assumed were potentially costly, were in fact reasonable, as it appears in your case:-)
    Such items are desirable but as Laurence says, it’s a lot of ££££’s and unfortunately beyond my budget, even if it appears to be in nice condition.
    The other one at £1000 sounds more reasonable, depending on condition, for as Steve pointed out, restoration costs are not cheap.
    Hopefully there will be a way to help the Member in Rome. There are often small Transportation Companies who frequently cross to/fro Europe and the Mainland GB. Might be worth putting details about it on to get some quotes. I’ve used this before to get a full interior set for a Lancia Delta Integrale from Germany to me here in Selby and it was only £220.00 all in!!
    A wooden box could soon be knocked up from Lat and 5mm Ply to contain the Hardtop wrapped in Bubble wrap for protection