Reply To: Welcome new Convertible owner – Bob Flint

Bob Flint

    Thanks for the welcolme ,
    My Westminster Blue Jaguar XJS is first Reg 5/12/1996 4.0 Celebration so was one of the last .She has covered 87500 miles and is mint.
    I have had many XJS my first was new in 1988 and was a 3.6 which was a company car and I am ashamed to say I was not at all kind to her I put 100k miles on her in 3 years but what a great car with main dealer service fantastic. my next was another 3.6 which I bought 18 months ago identical to my first except colour which I still have got .only done 67500 miles.I have had about ten 3.6 /4.0 since then which I buy as projects and bring new life into them I have a 93 ..4.0 facelift ready to sell.
    But the convertable is the first one I have owned .I alway wanted one but did not want a V12 so when she came up for sale I was stung.Just waiting for the sun now.