Reply To: Wind Deflecter

Stig Moltu-Jacobsen

    Hi everybody, esp those interested in wind deflectors on XJ-SC cars!
    I bought my first XJ-SC brand new in Portland, Oregon in August 1988. It came with a hardtop and wind deflector as standard equipment. It also had a rear soft top. I was told by the Jaguar Dealer (also a Rolls-Royce and SAAB dealer) that the hardtop and wind deflector were standard equipment in the US and had been so for quite a while.

    Bleasie says the deflector is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, i.e. useless. That’s not true, it works quite well, at least with the hardtop in place and roof panels (of course) removed, as Bryan Thomas claims. The deflector is less useful with the rear soft top in place. The original deflector is removable, but I used to have it permanently in place, either folded up (panels out) or down/flat (panels on). My present European spec XJ-SC 3.6 TWR has neither a hardtop nor a deflector.

    I will check if it has the holder (for the deflector) in place, possibly as an add-on to the panel locking device.