Reply To: Wind Deflecter

Bryan Thomas

    The picture above is of the wind deflector I made, by useing a right angled piece of trim I had laying about that had come from a XJS convertible that had the locker box and trim removed. I have only seen pictures of the original one but it looked like it might do what I wanted.It was already covered in Magnolia trim one side so all I needed to do was cover the other side , I had some spare headliner material which I glued on, I then finished off with some plastic edging strip . Next job was to align it up in the centre. After removal of the targa tops I removed one 2ba screw from each of the locker latch brackets in the top front of the windscreen, Then holding the deflector up to determine the space needed to allow for the interior light I marked where to drill the fixing holes. Putting the Chrome screws from the targa brackets safely to one side I found suitable longer screws with washers and fitted the deflector. I know its not as pretty as the original and it don’t fold back but it does what I wanted and stops the buffeting . The down side is of course having to change back every time, but there again if you only have a hard top in place and you want to enjoy your cabriolet to the full its worth considering making your own . Regards Bryan.