Reply To: Welcome to XJS Soft Tops

John Bleasdale

    HI Woodstock Perhaps I can help The old JAGICR was started by me many years ago when NING made an offer I could not refuse I gave them an idea of what I wanted and for FREE JAGICR was up and running. After a period of time every one was informed that their Web Sites would have to be paid for monthly or annually for a reduced fee.At this point I looked for sponsorship which came from Growler Jaguar parts & Sturgess Jaguar. As time went on I became to ill to carry it on and as nothing had been happening I was not prepared to accept any more sponsorship money as we were not reciprocating. Having informed all members circa 200 that I was shutting it down, Laurence offered to take over at his own expense. The rest is history.

    Afraid you need Laurence to answer the last part must say I agree it would be helpful as would notifications which I think Laurence has in hand.