Reply To: Notification.

Laurence Jones

    Hi Bleasie,

    That’s a very good question, and one I think I have an answer for.

    The website does have the capability to send out notifications, but for the moment I have it turned off.

    I did have it turned on while I was working on developing the site, and inadvertently sent an email out to a few dozen members while I was doing some testing 🙁

    Now the site is live, and folk are actively joining in the various discussion forums I guess it would likely be a good time to turn notifications on. When I get time I will do some testing of this facility to see what is and what isn’t possible – it would be nice if it could be configured so it didn’t send out an email every time someone posted a reply maybe – I think the members and my website hosting company wouldn’t thank me for sending out 10 emails a day to 300 – 400 folk around the world.

    It might take me a week or two to sort out, so please bear with me – in the meantime I’m happy to take suggestions and feedback from our members (probably based on their experiences with other forums/websites).

    Thanks for the question,