Reply To: rust on the roof !


    Hi Gerben,

    It is good and brave to tackle this job but my concern would be the quality of the retrimming of the roof material.  Do you have experience of this type of work?  How far are you taking back the roof materiel as I see at this moment you seem to have cut it back at the 1st seem above each door.  The top of each front pillar looks like a difficult area to recover without any creases.  It would be good to get some feedback about this process.  I have gone on Aldridge’s site and they show a price for the folding roof and material for the Targa panels but no mention of materials for this job.  I presume you would have to speak to them direct to get an off cut for the front roof area.  I live in York and I find it difficult to get a quote for a job like this as the extent of work is unknown until a full strip down is complete.  A big question mark would be the removal of the windscreen.  This is a challenging job so thanks for your feedback.