Reply To: rust on the roof !

Laurence Jones

    Hi Gerben

    The front roof area is a common target for rust on our cars, whether in Coupe or Cabriolet version – in fact the situation is made worse on our Cabriolet’s by the presence of the textile glued over the metal work. When I had my Targa panels painted red (rather than have them recovered) i had this front roof section painted as well, and we discovered rust starting to take hold there.

    So yes, a warning to all Cabriolet onwers is to physically check that front roof section, by passing your hand over the textile covering and see if you can determine any change of shape which may be rust underneath…

    Factory has produced a sample of the Targa aperture rubber seals – I just haven’t had time to go pick it up yet, but hope to in the next few days.

    Yes there is a company that, at a cost, provide a complete kit of the rear hood, Targa Panel cover and front roof surrround material – I will see if I can find their details.