Reply To: XJ-SC 3.6 stainless steel exhaust


    Hi Laurence,

    I am going ahead with this but it will be in April when my car is back on the road.  This company have depots ( I need to inspect) all over the country and the nearest to me is Leeds & Hull so the car will be left there for a maximum of 2 days.  The next job for this year will be cooling system, fuel and breather pipe replacement, as I do not see any receipts for these in my car history. This will be done in the summer, as my brother who was a car mechanic and lives in Australia is stopping with us for 4 weeks so he will help with this. He is not aware of this yet, but I feel he needs to keep his hand in with car repairs ( his is only 72). He will like to go to the classic car shows as he would have worked on many of the cars on display.