Reply To: Cabriolet hard top

David Wardale

    Merry Christmas, Lloyd.

    When I bought my car a few years ago, it came with both tops.The hardtop was attached to the car, and the softtop wrapped in plastic. I have been so pleased with the hardtop that I have looked at the other top briefly, and then wrapped it back up.

    My hardtop makes no noise, does not leak, and I like the appearance of the car. If you want the “wind in your hair” experience, just remove the targa panels, and roll down the windows.¬† ¬†Additionally, my car is quiet at speed, and the A/C works well with the hardtop in place.

    I would hope that there is no difference in colour , considering that your boxed top has not seen the light of day for so long.

    I will try to post a photo, if I can remember all the steps involved.

    All the best, Dave.