JUNK : Photo Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

Initially when you register as a member you will have been set up with 2 Photo Albums

  • My XJS Photos
  • General Photos

The first thing you now need to do is upload some photos into the appropriate Photo Album i.e. Photos of any Jaguar XJS cars would go into the My XJS Photos album and anything else should go in the General Photos album.

How to Upload a Photo

Please follow these 6 steps

1/ Select the button near the top of the My Photos page.   You will then see this popup screen

2/ You then need to select which of your Photo Albums you wish to upload your photos into

3/ Then you need to select the file you wish to upload. First clicking on the “select photos” button

4/ You will then be presented with your computer’s file directories. Select the photo you wish to upload (click on it) then click “choose” button in the bottom right

5/ Next part is to add your description for your photo

6/ Finally, click on the button to upload your photo.
Now, just wait a moment for the photo to load (100% on the green progress line at the bottom)
To see the results, click on the My Photos menu (to the right) to reload your Photo Gallery.

Uploading Several Photos at once

This is a bit more tricky, but still possible. You need to follow the same instructions as detailed above except that in Step 4 you need to select multiple photo files. On a Windows PC this is done by holding down (and keep holding down) the Ctrl button at the same time you are clicking one at a time with your mouse’s pointer on the required files. Then when you’ve finished choosing then take your finger off the Ctrl and click with your mouse on the “choose” button exactly as you would do for a single photo upload.
Note : If you complete the Description details (Step 5 above) the same description will be added to each of your multiple uploaded photos – it might therefore be easier to leave the Description details blank during the upload and add specific Descriptions to the photos one by one once they’ve uploaded (see instructions below)

Missing Albums

If one or both of these are missing then please contact the Site Administrators via this link  Click here

Deleting Photos

You can delete your own photos, but not other Member’s Photos. Please note, that once you’ve clicked the confirmation button (do you really want to delete this photo) it cannot be undone – you will have to upload your photo again if you want it in the album.  Simply click on the delete button under the photo thumbnail

Adding or changing a photo’s Description

Simply click on the edit button under the photo thumbnail

Additional Albums

If you would like additional Photo Albums, to separate up your photos then please ask and we will see if your request can be accommodated – this might be so you can separate up photos of different cars, or maybe to collect together photos from an event you’ve attended.

Adding Photos to Forum Discussions

Each photo that has been uploaded, either into one of your Photo Albums, or found on the Site’s Gallery Page, has a Photo Number displayed underneath it. You need this number to add the photo to a Discussion Topic or a reply.

At the position you wish to have the photo, you need to write the following

You must use square brackets [ ] – not () or {] brackets, and to substitute the actual photos number where I’ve put 242 in the example above.

You can have text before and after the photo. Please limit the number of photos in a Topic or a Reply to just 1 or 2, as it makes it easier for members to view the thread properly.


As with any aspect of this website, if you have any questions or feedback then please use the contact form Click here