Project : Restoring interior woodwork veneer

In response to the editor’s request for articles I felt compelled to tell you of about my recent modest effort to improve the interior of my 1986 V12 XJS-C. This is a job that requires very little money but quite a lot of patience!  This is also a winter job that you can do in the warmth of your home rather than a cold garage.

Photo 1114

Figure 1. Mustard coloured woodwork

Like many new XJS owners I consider myself lucky to own such a great piece of engineering but as I looked at my dashboard and door cards I could see that the original Burr Elm was now obscured behind a layer of bleached and delaminated lacquer that was hiding the true beauty of the original veneer.
Many XJS dashboards are now a sort of dull mustard colour due to the effects of exposure to the sun and that is certainly not how they should look.  Of course you can shell out four hundred and fifty pounds to renew your woodwork if you so wish, but for the sake of a few hours work and with the aid of a few simple tools you can achieve great result at virtually no cost.

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Article Published : 7th December 2017
Article written by : Roger Farmer