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      Mark Thorley

        Forgive me, I’m a new owner of the Cabriolet and still working my way around the car getting familiar. Could someone please tell me what the purpose of the small hole is,located in the dash on the return lip just above the glovebox. It’s got me baffled. The answer is probably easy but hey, as I said, I’m a newby 🙂

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        Richard Salt

          It’s the air temperature sensor for the aircon system.
          Air is drawn into it from the cabin and thus it controls the temperature of the system to keep it at the set value.
          You might find that the tube above the entrance has come off, good luck putting it on again.

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          Mark Thorley

            Thanks Richard, i won’t worry about that for now then because the previous owner removed the air con pump for some reason. It’s in a box of spares he gave me. One day I’ll get round to refitting the Air Con as it would be nice to keep the car as original as possible

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