What are your plans this year?

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      Mark Thorley

        Most of us Soft Top Owners likely look around our cars and spot something that we are not entirely happy with and then set out to replace/restore or fix.
        Myself immediately upon purchase several months ago i went around the entire car starting at the rear and made notes about the things I would like to improve.
        My list was as follows:-
        Missing XJSC boot badge….now acquired
        Rear light carrier pitted chrome…..now replaced
        Rear number plate and reverse lamp lens yellowing…..now replaced
        Little oblong Boot slam rubbers perished…..now replaced
        Fuel filler cap has some minor pitted chrome……acquired a new old stock item never previously fitted I have yet to fit
        Interior Ski slope has a non standard third switch doing nothing……replacement ski slope acquired and yet to fit
        Flaking Elm veneer on clock/switch panel…..Restoration in progress using new real wood veneer and will be coloured to match a recently purchased full set of interior wood trims to replace my present set
        Standard steering wheel replaced with a period Nardi three spoke and boss/Jaguar horn centre(original wrapped and stored away)
        Sill kick plates looking tired….chrome xjs replacements acquired and yet to fit
        Front bumper centre chrome has small dent in middle……replacement acquired and yet to fit
        Front chrome grill cracked…..replacement acquired and yet to fit
        Quad headlamp units acquired and yet to fit
        Apart from the above list I intend to deep clean and recolour my Saville Grey leather interior, replace my grey carpet with Navy Blue, remove the modern CD player and install the original Clarion radio cassette unit (1 knob missing), remove the leaping Jaguar from the bonnet/respray
        So there you have it, plenty for me to get on with this year.
        What about you?

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Mark Thorley

          I think if I followed that approach as one long list for all 4 of my XJS then it might be too scary to start on – to have everything laid out in a “to do” list 🙂

          If we just focus on the Cabriolet, the my top item (now the roof is sorted) is to strip the multi colour doorcards and recolour them – the interior was originally red and has been covered (more or less) in Saville Grey). Not certain that the grey is the best colour, but as the seats are of this colour and in reasonable condition I’ll probably go with it.

          I want to replace the rear parcel shelf piece, as mine’s not in good condition

          I do need to replace the wood veneer – thanks for the suggested items on eBay recently. I’d like these to be in dark wood, to match the steering wheel, but as yet can’t find a set that includes the door pieces (might do this a bit at time).

          I have considered replacing the ski-slope tray with a wood/veneer version, but that’s a nice to have rather than need to have.

          I’d like to re-chrome the roof assembly, but for now I’ll leave as is – I may next year get a new hood made (but can’t afford at the moment).


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          Mark Thorley

            Well Laurence you have almost as many plans as me. I’ll keep my eyes open for dark wood door inserts for you. Whenever I get the opportunity to do a bit more on the car it rains! Not happy

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