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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome Adam

        Thank you for joining as a Convertible Member of the XJS Soft Tops Club, I hope you find your membership interesting – please feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        You have two Membership Photo Albums, these can be found via the Main Menu ==> My Account ==> My Photos. It would be great if you could add a photo or two of your Convertible for all members to see.

        Please reply to this topic and tell us how you discovered our Club and a little about your own XJS Convertible and your general enthusiasm and interest the XJS Soft Top models.


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        Adam Bolton

          HI Laurence,

          I’ve been a Jaguar fan all my life, personally, I blame my parents. My dad used to drag me round car showrooms as a kid and my mum loved Jaguars. My neighbours had one when I was very small a series II XJ6 that had just been released brand new I was about 3-4 but remember it. Then my uncle had one and of course, my parents did. I grew up did all the things you do, had Prosche’s (I was young) Maserati’s (I was stupid) then finally got my first Jag… then my second… (also an xjs that I still have) then finally after looking and looking (I did have to get the Ferrari bug out of my system) I found the one I wanted. She’s a jet Black convertible with a black interior chrome wheels and low milage example. She drives so lovely I adore her. Theres a link to her on you tube:

          That’s enough for now.





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