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      Laurence Jones

        Welcome John

        Hope you find the site interesting and feel free to participate in any new or past discussion topics.

        If you could reply to this topic and tell us a little about your Cabriolet, and even something about your enthusiasm and interest in them.


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        John Mirco

          Hi Lawrence,
          Thanks for the welcome, and it is great to find a site with shared interest in Jag cabriolets.
          As an introduction, I reside in Perth Western Australia, and have owned my cabriolet for the past 9 years.
          My car is nimbus white in colour with black top – 1986 built, is now fitted with American style quad headlights, 5.3lt V12, and she is wearing Jaguar wire style wheels.
          Information provided to me recently revealed that she was shipped NEW to Australia in September of 1986, and was actually number 155 of 190 cars to be shipped to Australia.
          As many of your members would probably relate to owning this model has certainly been a journey…a labour of love so to speak. I have over the years replaced front steering rack, ball joints, shock absorbers , overhauled the cooling system, changed all hoses, sorted electrical issues etc – essentially a serious investment in getting the mechanicals sorted as she was in need of serious help when I originally purchased her. The result is I now have a fairly reliable vehicle that I love to drive.

          My wife and I love to head out on the weekends and just drive – ‘eating up the roads’ as I like to say, and the only way I love to drive my machine is with the top off… its an absolutely fantastic sensation and one that I never get tired of, marry that up with the purr of that glorious V12 out on the open country roads and I am in car heaven!

          I am now planning to refurbish the complete roof – (fold down rear hood, targa panels and interior roof lining), and have found that actual replacements are non existent due the ‘rarity’ of cabriolet parts, so I have recently (last week) engaged a very capable automotive upholsterer to take on the project for me. Looking forward to the end result once I put it in to be sorted.
          So overall, a little at a time (as funds permit), my ‘labour of love’ is becoming revitalised, and my personal passion for it just grows to a new level every time I renew / repair something on her.
          My wife always jokes that the Jag is my number 1 girl and she is number 2. Now that is a very understanding lady 🙂
          – and that is us in a nutshell.


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