Setting up a Marinelli Distributer and ignition system in my 1990 XJS

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      Christopher Knoerdel

        Hi Guys!

        I am and still wish to be a member of the club!

        In fact my 1990 XJS Convertible is about to come back on the road after a long heart transplant (Yes I installed the only motor ever destined to be used the XJS 5.3 V-12). Any way I need to find some more information on the Marinili Ignition. For the life of me I have consulted all of my manuals, parts books, CD’s and I can not find a photo or instructions on setting up the Marenelli Dist and Ignition! I have the information on setting the sensors (though this is sketchy at best) but nothing on the distributor and how to install it . The manual I am using shows it static timed to 10 degrees before TDC but confuses this instruction by saying that is should be set using the “A” marked on the pulley! As you know I am sure there is a set line mark directly next to the “A”! If I use it (The marker line) or the Pointy head of the “A” the static timing will be what 2 degrees out? So this and finally how do I set up my Petrox electronic ignition in the Marinelli Distributor if there is nothing inside it but the two tired rotor! I have been trying to work these questions out for over a month and if I could figure it out I could be driving the old girl instead of agonizing over her timing and ignition! “HELP!!”

        Jaguar emergence on the California Coast!

        Chris Knoerdel

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Chris

          Maybe Robin or Stephen Heywood will be able to offer you some advice, or certainly to point you in the right direction.

          Do you still have your XJ-SC Cabriolet – is that a different Ignition system.



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          Christopher Knoerdel

            Thank you, I will try them both! No I unfortunately sold my SC (I miss that car) it had the older style Lucas? ignition.
            Happy Holidays!

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              Sorry for both a delayed reply and that I know little about the V12 Marelli ignition system. I would suggest you maybe do a google search and tap into some of the discussions on that other forum.. (JEC)

              I am a little more knowledgeable on the 3.6l six cylinders..


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