Selling a LHD drive in the UK – Information for an Article

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      Laurence Jones

        Hi All,

        I’m looking to sell my LHD V12 XJS Convertible, and as many of you know I’m based in the UK (North Wales to be more precise).

        I’ve been searching for some information on how best to sell the car, as I anticipate it will most likely find its way back across to Europe (I effectively imported it from Spain a few years ago). Well I’ve not found anything, so I thought that I’d address that by reaching out to the Club members for feedback from their experience and write up an Article for our CLub’s website for all to read.

        So, I’m reaching out to members in the UK, and Europe, to share with me some do’s and don’t’s and suggestions of how to and how not to sell the car – what to watch out for when having a buy who might live in a different country.

        All help appreciated.

        Let me know if you want to send anything to me via email

        Many thanks

        XJS Soft Tops Club

        P.S. I’ve got several on the road and being restored XJS Soft Tops so I’m still very much committed to the Club for a long time to come 🙂

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