Restoration of Folding Roof and Targa Panels on XJS-C

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      Martin Reddington

        I am seeking recommendations for the full restoration of the Targa panels and folding hood on my XJS-C. I have found one or two companies via a google search that claim to offer this service but would greatly appreciate any wisdom from members who may have already undertaken this task.

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        John Bradfield

          Looking to do the similar in Sydney Australia – need to redo the headlining of the targa panels & hardtop and replace the window of the soft top. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers, John ’83 HE & ’88 AJ6 SC

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          Miguel Muzquiz

            I got mine replaced back on 2016 in the US by this is a very professional outfit so if you contact them they may have  contacts in Australia

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            John Mirco

              Hi Gents,

              I had my folding roof and targa panels on my 1986 XJS-C  refurbished completely by a professional Motor Trimmer – called GM MILLANE motor trimmers in Perth Western Australia – check out website:

              Whilst probably not helpful that they are in Western Australia, if you are on the other side of the world, but may be worth contacting via email to see if they have contacts that may be able to help. They have been in business for decades and are experienced in all major marques, so could be worth contacting.

              Hope this helps in some way.


              John Mirco

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                Martin i have just had mine done by Aldridge Trimming in Wolverhampton, excellent job ,they had the car and made the hood fit the car. Not cheap but excellent service.

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                Martin Reddington

                  Thank you so much for your suggestions – I really appreciated them.



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                  Miguel Muzquiz

                    Martin – I had the targa panels and folding hood restored/replaced on my 87 back on 2016 by Muncie Imports and Classics, and they did a fantastic job.

                    They are located in Indiana, and their website is: <a href=””>Muncie Imports & Classics / O.S.J.I (765) 286-4663 – Muncie Imports & Classics</a>


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                    Simon Spence

                      I’ve used Aldridge trimmers to supply materials for DIY re trim of panels and factory rear  Hard top ( Fabric was top notch and period correct, pattern perfectly cut too) I completed task 10+ years ago  only jus now thinkg of  to  recolour . I’ve also since found a jaguar book  Cabriolet Hood Refurbishment  ( publication Part No JTP 248   has diagrames & full instructions on how to cover Targa panels , Roof T -bar & Rails &  factory Hard top. I can scan  and email should you need.


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