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      steve flint

        Hello my friend has an 89 3.6 no heat in cabin its a new purchase where should he start please

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        Gerben Haringsma

          hello Steve,

          i face the same problem,but only from time to time.

          cold wind only,airco engaged even whenn put at max heat.cured sometimes by sitching engine on and off.

          start with the easypart, the vacuum controlled valve at the rear of the cyl.head.( the little round golden bulb.

          it should CLOSE whenn asked for heat,and open for cold air.

          this part gets spoiled quite often,

          you could replace by a plastic valve,doing the same,costs a fraction and lasts longer.

          it did not solve my problem yet,will keep you informed on the research.

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          Martin Ball

            Replace the heater water valve infront of the firewall and check that there is a vacuum from the manifold to open the valve.  My valve was corroded and stick closed and the rubber hose had a crack so it was loosing vacuum.  Heater flapper in mine is a bit lazy and I hear a clunk a minute or so after I make a change.  Another job for another time.  🙂

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