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      Mark Thorley

        Every time I find and buy New Old Stock (NOS) parts I hesitate to fit them.

        My present filler cap is very good with just one or two very minor small pits.

        Question – do I fit this New item now, or keep it wrapped safely away for the future when these Cabbies are seriously expensive cars to buy

        Your thoughts please…..


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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Mark Thorley

          That’s a really good question you’ve raised there. Difficult to answer really. I remember the dilemma when I was a child as to whether to keep shinny new toys in their boxes or play with them, and I decided then that I’d play with them as much as possible, treat them with respect and then store them away in their boxes after (that way I got to play with new toy cars every time I fetched them out of their boxes),

          Therefore, I’d go for putting the NOS parts on the car, and raising the standard of the car up as high as possible.

          What do other members think ?


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          Mark Thorley

            Good point Laurence, it’s a tricky one especially as my present cap is in quite good condition and not really at the stage of looking shabby etc. Decisions decisions…….

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              Hi Mark,
              I would personally fit the new one and get the benefit of seeing it on your car. If you keep it polished up it will not deteriate. When the price of these cars get very high even a good 2nd hand part would fetch a good price. You are seeing this already with XJS used parts.

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              Mark Thorley

                Thanks Alan I think I’ll got the new filler cap when it gets a bit warmer outside as it won’t be a quick job I imagine

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                  I have a front spoiler to fit that was supplied by Laurence (thanks Laurence), but I do not want to rush the job as I need time to inspect the front bodywork. The old spoiler has a small split but you have to look close to see it. I recently made some ramp extensions to make it easier to do inspections below the car, so I think it might be Spring time before I try these out.

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                  Gerard Harings

                    …..goodmorning Mark Thorley

                    Well all things wear…… are driving your car on a regular basis…or not  that dos not matter.

                    It will wear, one day in the future it wil be time for a restoration. Then you go to your attic or basement or treasure chamber…. and all the parts you hordet  wil come in handy and it wil make the restoration a lot cheaper and most of all you don”t have to go on a safari loking for parts  that are nowhere to be found and if you find them being there weight  worth in gold…..


                    Your car gets older you take good care of here and she gets older in style a little spot a small scratch… comes  with life, enjoy your drive an you wil grow on each ohter .

                    And over the years  she tels you a story: a story af here life thad only you know , because you were there…..well only my thoughts  have a nice newyears evening

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