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      Tomi Hautakangas


        I am looking for a set of leather front seat covers for 1987 XJ-SC V12 with full leather interior in Saville Grey. Or perhaps near mint-condition complete used seats.

        I live in Finland, and I have found some places in the US that produce close to original seat covers, but I have yet to find one that could match the color close enough. Also ordering from the US would add 24% vat on the price of new seats+shipping. Are they really not available anywhere in the UK for example or anywhere else in the EU?

        I did locate a producer in the EU that I bought new doorcards from for quite reasonable price – if anyone would need a hint on those.

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        Tomi Hautakangas

          I would also need the cushions and rubber diapragms. -tehy seem to be available e little better, but I would appreciate suggestions. =)


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          Simon Spence

            Hi Tomi,

            below are links to parts listed on ebay in UK  and the Company website. or theirs

            <h3 class=”LC20lb DKV0Md”>Aldridge Trimming <a href=””> </a></h3>

            who make very good covers and all other panels , carpets ect. Both options will ship abroad. Aldridge are in my home town and ive used for my DIY Targa top & factory hardtop  recover.They provided fabric perfectly trimmed for both applications ( I’d been worrided  about the Factor Hardtop Rear to as their not very common here) and post internationally.Hope this helps and good luck


            <a href=”″></a&gt;

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