Mileometer/trip and oil pressure guage

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      Trevor Kent

        Upon setting my trip before zooming off for the JEC Ireland Rally the trip and milometer jammed fast and press and wriggle the stalk every which way does not release it, nice not to be building up miles but I’ve got an MOT soon! I’ve also got intermittent working oil pressure gauge usually at zero, then suddenly a healthy 50 then back to zero for days on end. Any advice folks? Trevor 3.6 XJ-SC Auto

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi Trevor

          I’ve had this jam on two of my XJS. The first freed itself by me pushing the reset button intermittently as I drove along. The other I had to take the console to pieces and free the jam – I then left out the reset button so it couldn’t happen again.

          The Oil pressure gauge issue sounds like a loose wire, rather than a faulty gauge to me – though I’m sure there are others on this site who could give some good advice.



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