LHD V12 Convertible – punctured oil cooler

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      Laurence Jones


        Last Tuesday I was spending some time running and airing my LHD drive convertible when I suddenly saw it crying oil down the drive 🙁

        Photo 513

        After taking a look I could see oil bubbling out of the oil cooler – looks like a stone or something had hit it and punctured it. Had to call out breakdown recovery to take it over to Stephen Heywood Jaguars to be sorted

        Photo 512

        Picked the car up last night – all sorted. New Oil Cooler and a couple of new oil pipes fitted.

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        Bryan Thomas

          OH No that’s sounds expensive Laurence .

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          Laurence Jones

            Yes it was Bryan, but necessary….

            Probably means either the planned Cabriolet roof/targa panel refurbishment or the interior wood replacement is likely now on hold till later in the year.


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