Ignition/battery warning light on VERY bright.

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        Hello guys I have a 1985 3.6 Cabriolet & I am having a little starting problem. At cold start the engine turns over great but refuses to tick over. I can keep it going with the pedal & after 3/4 mins all is well. During this time the rev counter does not work??
        After the initial couple of mins all is fine & it will start till it get cold again. Once or twice, while having this trouble the red battery/ignition warning light comes on very very bright but the alternator is charging? Any ideas guys?
        St Helens.

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        Laurence Jones

          Hi David,

          You don’t mention of the Rev counter starts working again once everything is warm and settled.

          Mine had a similar but different problem – in that mine would over rev until it was warm and then everything seemed to click into place and all would be well again. I believe the issue with mine was the airflow meter on the carb just simply not getting things right.


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            No Laurence, the rev counter starts within 2/3 minutes well before the engine has had time to warm up. Local RAC guy mentioned bad earth or muck on ignition amplifier which is situated over the rad casing. I’ve cleaned & checked this plus changed the 2 small air & petrol sensors? David.

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